Building in New York is a romance of the modern and the historic. Compound that with a keen eye for detail, a deep respect for materials and a reverence for craftsmanship and processes — and you've got the Luna design aesthetic that fuels our services.

Our Specialties
Craftmanship, services, materials and overall process.
New York Interiors
Building in New York is a unique experience.

I love what Greg accomplished in our apartment. The quality of his work on our bookshelves and additional kitchen cabinet unit was excellent. His suggestion to make pockets in the soffit for our window shades was brilliant! We were very pleased with both the workmanship and the punctuality of his work. Thank you for helping make our home very special.

Charlie S, Brooklyn

New York Interiors

Known for its idiosyncrasies, building in New York is a romance of the modern and the historic. There is something so uniquely "New York" about its apartments, co-ops and condos, revived historic districts, converted factories and lofts and we love it! The sense of scale, the verticality, and the reinterpretation of small spaces all adds up to a high design style. It is this unique marriage of older, more traditional facades with sleek, contemporary interiors that gives you the feeling that New York is the quintessential city. Everything we do is suffused with this design aesthetic.


Our long experience of working within the guidelines of New York construction has made us sensitive to its quirks and strict codes—from9 to 5 work schedules, working with old utilities, working in buildings and unusual locations with difficult access, to dealing with the lack of dust control - we have experienced it all and know how to handle it.