At Luna we see sustainable building as a necessity and have already incorporated certain parts USGBC and Leeds Rating systems guidelines into our daily practice. We view these guidelines a challenging puzzle, and not as a game of right and wrong.

Green Building in NYC
What does sustainability mean in New York City?
Easy Ways to Go Green
Saving energy and improving indoor environmental quality.
On Materials and Processes
Greening the construction and finishing process.

Earlier this year I contracted with LunaLuxury for a large remodeling job in our downtown offices. Despite numerous last-minute design changes LunaLuxury produced an amazing product, on-time and on-budget. I was impressed with their professionalism, their knowledge-base, and their willingness to work with their client on even the smallest of details.

Michael S, Manhattan

On Materials and Processes

  • We've paid close attention to manage our material ordering so that we can minimize unnecessary waste. This is the first step in sustainable materials handling.

  • Luna uses a Leeds approved waste company for all of its debris. This means that over 75% of our garbage is recycled and less than 25% ends up in a landfill.

  • We also recycle materials at the job site level as much as possible. Metal is easily recyclable through licensed scrap companies. Usable appliances and furnishings are donated to appropriate organizations or listed as free items on local web bulletin boards.