Our Vision

We're committed to bringing your design projects
to fruition, on time and within budget, through effective project management built on strong
ties of communication.

Our Approach to Building
We take the time to plan every step of the process.
Design Philosophy
Our goal is to create an environment of collaboration.
Company Bio
About Luna founder, Greg Kowalski.

I love what Greg accomplished in our apartment. The quality of his work on our bookshelves and additional kitchen cabinet unit was excellent. His suggestion to make pockets in the soffit for our window shades was brilliant! We were very pleased with both the workmanship and the punctuality of his work. Thank you for helping make our home very special.

Charlie S, Brooklyn

Our Approach to Building

Taking the time to plan every step of the process is part of what makes Luna Construction successful. We lay down a structure, a guide that informs all parties of our progress, always keeping within budget and staying on schedule. Limitations serve only to push creativity. But as the construction process is dynamic, we make sure to go through each new detail clearly. Each new change in the plan is an opportunity to express your design vision-even a remodel with all its surprises is a new design possibility.